The Self-Improve Route

This route to licensing is for those people with appropriate experience in the industry, possibly through service with the Armed Forces or in civil aviation in a non-certifying role and who has no previous relevant technical training. Evidence of 5 years of appropriate experience that has been acquired within the 10 years preceding the application AND passes in all Part 66 modules relevant to the Category being sought must be provided to the National Authority. This route is also known as the modular route.

Nevertheless, the licensing candidate must secure passes in all modules relevant to the license category being sought within a period of 10 years or re-examination will be required.

Part 66 Modular courses

MAA provides a flexible short modular course program, that provides the theoretical knowledge and prepare for examinations required to meet the requirements for lifting limitations imposed when Completion, Conversion of an existing National license (ie. A and/or P, or Avionics-Part 65) to Part 66 License.

MAA offers a Modular Program and this course will cover all of the Modules in relation to the B1.1, and B2 Licenses Categories.

The Courses are theory based courses with the examinations taking place on the final Day of each module. This course is recommended for those with pre-existing experience such as armed forces leavers or those with other Licensees seeking a Part 66 License Qualification.

Note: These courses do not constitute an approved course, and therefore will not offer reductions in the experience requirements for those seeking license issue, or extending basic license categories.

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