Aircraft Maintenance School

Welcome to the Aircraft Maintenance School

Mideast Aviation Academy is an approved training provider by the JCARC and EASA under Part 147 to meet the knowledge requirements of the Part 66, Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) in Categories (B1.1, Aero-plane Turbine; and B2, Avionics), it also meets the wider needs of the industry by providing a broad range of courses covering the skills and knowledge required for all levels of engineering training from introductory to fully licensed. Further details of these courses are given below.

Aircraft Maintenance program Details 
  • Duration: 30 months (with English course)

  • Theoretical hrs: 1400 Hr

  • Practical hrs: 1000 Hr

  • Total Course hrs: 2400 Hr 

  • EASA Module Exam part 147 /66 can be conducted at our academy headquarters

  • Refresher courses in aircraft maintenance are available 

  • Aircraft Maintenance School offers a Modular Program that will cover all of the Modules in relation to the B1.1, and B2 Licenses Categories. The Courses are theory-based courses with the examinations taking place on the final day of each module. This course is recommended for those with pre-existing experiences such as armed forces leavers or those with other Licenses seeking a Part 66 License Qualification.


Requirements to study Aircraft Maintenance engineering

  • Age from 17 years old and above

  • Pass the evaluation process conducted by MAA with an acceptable level of English language (we provide English course if needed)

  • Hold a high school certificate or what is equivalent to it certified from the ministry of education and ministry of foreign affairs

  • Successfully pass the third-class Medical check conducted by one of the designated Doctors by the Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (JCARC) in Amman

Mideast Aviation Academy offers Aircraft Maintenance training Programs for the following certificates and ratings:


 Since its formation in 2000, Mid-East Aviation Academy / Maintenance Training Organization MAA / MTO has had a successful history of providing Engineering Maintenance Training for the world's airlines, and Maintenance Organizations. Training Engineers and Technicians for one of the most demanding professions in the world requires a very special approach, and complete dedication to the highest safety standards. From its earliest beginnings, MAA has focused on the delivery of high-quality training ensuring the most stringent of safety standards.


aircraft maintenance program

Must be taught by a training provider holding Part 147 approval issued by the relevant National Aviation Authority. MAA is approved by the JCARC.

Must provide a minimum number of training hours, 2400 for category B2.

Must provide the required percentage of training hours for the development of practical skills on representative aircraft and systems, this includes Aircraft Maintenance Environment Training (AMET), at a Part 145 approved maintenance organisation.


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