B2: Avionics

The Approved Course

Must be taught by a training provider holding Part 147 approval issued by the relevant National Aviation Authority. MAA is approved by the JCARC.

Must provide a minimum number of training hours, 2400 for category B2.

Must provide the required percentage of training hours for the development of practical skills on representative aircraft and systems, this includes Aircraft Maintenance Environment Training (AMET), at a Part 145 approved maintenance organisation. MAA organises and supervises such AMET; (OJT) as well as providing basic skills training in its Workshop facility.

JCARC approved training providers such as MAA provide formal assessment of practical competence during the course and prepare the students for the authority examination of all Part 66 modules.

On successful completion graduates are issued a Certificate of Recognition of Approved Training. The Certificate of Recognition certifies that the holder has passed all the requirements of the course including each module examination and has also been assessed practically to be competent and safe when working with aircraft.

The benefit of undertaking an approved course is that the students are given a thorough knowledge of aircraft structures, systems and operating phenomena, and the experience requirement following graduation is reduced.

For example the normal minimum experience requirement prior to application for Part 66 Category B1.1&B2 licenses is reduced from 5 years to 2 years for approved course graduates.

This experience may be gained before, during or after the approved course, although those entering an approved course, having already gained the 2 years experience must complete some further experience following graduation before applying for license issue, the actual amount of additional experience required can only be decided by the licensing authority.

Career prospects: MAA graduates will enjoy a high employability rate. Their career path is tailored towards becoming Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

They may also work with airline engineering departments or support aircraft maintenance organisations. 


Due to their generic content, these training programmes will prepare trainees for many other engineering and technical disciplines and careers.


Entry Requirements: Entrants must be 17 years minimum. A recognised and officially certified secondary school certificate or equivalent. Entrants must have Third class medical test certificate. Entrants must have achieved acceptable level in each component of the English exam (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking).

Course outline:

A typical two and half year's study plan will cover the following subjects including English requirements:

Each Programm is offered on a full-time semester basis and last for two and half years.

MAA approved category B2 last for 89 training weeks plus annual leave of 5 weeks each year and college defined public holidays, just less than 2 years in all. A placement of 10 Weeks of Aircraft Maintenance Environment Training (AMET) ; OJT is arranged by MAA and is included in the 89 week  program.


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