Airplane Turbine , تدريب هندسة صيانة طائرات,اكاديمية الشرق الاوسط للطيران
B1.1 Aeroplane Turpine

Since its formation in 2000, Mid-East Aviation Academy / Maintenance Training Organization MAA / MTO has had a successful history of providing Engineering Maintenance Training for the world's airlines, and Maintenance Organizations. Training Engineers and Technicians for one of the most demanding professions in the world requires a very special approach, and complete dedication to the highest safety standards. From its earliest beginnings, MAA has focused on the delivery of high-quality training ensuring the most stringent of safety standards.

Civil Aviation is a highly regulated and respected industry controlled by national aviation authorities. To maintain the enviable safety standards that have been established, people working within the industry must be licensed. In other words, just as Pilots are trained and then licensed to fly aircraft, Engineers are trained and licensed to maintain aircraft and then release those aircraft into service.

So, in short, a student wishing to establish a career in the Aviation Industry must undertake professional training leading to the appropriate qualifications and certification.

Overview: If you decide to train as a Competent Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or Technician with MAA you can be sure of the highest quality training, by professionally qualified lecturers, using the latest teaching technology in modern classrooms and training facilities.

Graduates of MAA are currently working throughout the world as Licensed Engineers and Technicians with a significant number holding Senior Managerial roles for major airlines.


Mission: To offer safe, competitive, and at the highest quality standards aviation training and examinations, to local and foreign bodies and individuals, by applying the Regulatory requirements, Supported by its experienced and fully qualified instructors, modern and advanced equipment and facilities.

COURSES: MAA is approved training provider by the JCARC under  Part 147 to meet the knowledge requirements of the Part 66, Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) in Categories (B1.1, Aeroplane Turbine; and B2, Avionics), it also meets the wider needs of the industry by providing a broad range of courses covering the skills and knowledge required for all levels of engineering training from introductory to fully licensed.