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Vision: Mideast Aviation Academy

Mideast Aviation Academy seeks to become aviation training leaders which specialize in civil pilot training and aircraft maintenance technicians TB1.1 B2 , through advanced teaching and training methodology and up-to-date equipment’s in order to gain an respected reputation in the field of aviation training in Jordan and worldwide.

Mission: Mideast Aviation Academy

Mideast Aviation Academy thrives to graduate pioneer civil pilots and aircraft mechanics through continues applying of quality and safety standards  

Goals: Mideast Aviation Academy
  • The Aviation Academy pursues social and moral commitment by encouraging values ​​of equality and moderation in line with Arab nation traditions.

  • Mideast Aviation Academy is committed to the highest quality and safety standards to reach national and international competitiveness

  • Attracting students and enabling them to match the aviation market requirements.

  • Attracting distinguished faculty and administrative staff

  • Develop community service and national and international partnerships

  • Ensuring and guarantee customer satisfaction and transparency

  • Continuous compliance with the laws and regulations of the Jordanian Civil Aviation Authority which is under the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

  • Compliance with EASA 147 part 66 in the aircraft maintenance technicians license

  • Decentralization – Mideast Aviation Academy believes in the participation of all Academy personnel’s in the decision-making process regarding the modernization and improvement of the pilot and aircraft maintenance training programs.