The Mideast Aviation Academy (MAA) is a Flight training school that compromises multiple flight training and pilot training programs as well in the aircraft engineering with its both pathways B1.1 and B2 in addition to the flight dispatcher, offering several courses’ options for candidates make us proud in sharing, shaping students’ future as well as gearing out who wish to make a career out of their flight training or to those who would like to make it an exciting hobby.

The MAA academy had trained many pilots as well as aircraft engineering from different countries, due to the highly qualified team that meets the highest standards of the aviation industry, expertise from both flight and engineer’s schools are using their long theoretical as well as practical experience and deliver students with a very distinguished education level Likewise, our academy is recognized by the Jordan Aviation Regulatory Committee (JCARC) which in turn recognized by the ICAO, furthermore MAA is recognized officially from different countries at local and regional level. Our students and once they graduate they will receive an ATPL license as well as Aircraft engineering B1, 1 and/or B2 license issued by JCARC as well as by MAA academy.

 Mideast Aviation Academy (MAA) was established by a notable senior executive team whom served in the Jordan Air Force who are pioneers in the aviation and education sector since ‎‎2000. They have contributed to the supply of some of the best pilots and technicians to the airline industry who have worked for respectable aeronautic companies.