Have you ever dreamed of being a pilot, aviation engineer or dispatcher? If you have, Mideast Aviation Academy is the place for you. We make dreams come true!

Established in 2000 in Amman-Marka Airport, Mideast was the first privately owned flight training academy in Jordan. Since then, it has been gradually building its reputation on its cutting edge thinking and technology. Its young, growing fleet of aircraft, which includes the Piper Archer III, the multi-engine Piper Seminole and the new glass cockpit Piper Warrior III, makes it among the best equipped academies in the Middle East. This is an integral part of its flight school which provides an ATP Integrated course that is complete with CPL/IR and Frozen ATPL based on JAR-FCL-1 requirements similar to those of EASA FCL-1.

Always seeking newer and better training technology, Mideast acquired one of the most modern simulators in the Alsim AL-200. Not stopping there, in 2008 it went on to commission the state of the art, medium-sized jet simulator-the Alsim ALX (FNPT II MCC). This facility, with its modern aircraft systems, is used to raise the skills of the junior pilot to those of an airline ready one. Once a pilot graduates from Mideast, he is ready to sit in the first officer's seat in any top airline. As a matter of fact, Mideast graduates are currently employed in some of the most well-known airlines in the world including Royal Jordanian Airlines, Jordan Aviation, Yemani Airlines, Gulf Airlines, Qatari Airlines, Libyan Airlines, Egypt Airlines, Saudi Arabia Airlines, Emirate Airlines, Syrian Airlines and many other major airlines in the region.

No academy is complete unless it covers all phases of aviation. That's why Mideast also offers top of the line engineering and dispatcher courses.

The Engineering College has separate facilities including modern workshops that are well-equipped according to JCARC (Jordanian Civil Aviation), the FAA and will shortly be EASA compliant. It offers A&P (Airframe and Powerplant), Avionics and specialized courses.

Although the English language is mandatory in aviation, most academies do not have a strong English program. Mideast is the first academy in the Middle East to outsource its English department to an American company in partnership with Australia's RMIT RELTA aviation program. Their program is used throughout the world and is authorized by 27 CAAs and many major airlines in The Middle East, Europe and Asia. The RELTA English language test for pilots is currently the only test in the world directly endorsed by ICAO.